We stand behind the brands that we install because our team has researched the ins and outs of each product we install. Only the highest quality and most robust warranties are selected for our solar photovoltaic systems.

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Our Solar Panels are all top-of-the-line, so performance is guaranteed. We have direct access to some of the highest rated, and performing manufacturing brands with some of the best warranties out there. We currently supply a range of panels from LG Solar, Panasonic, Canadian Solar, Silfab, Jinko Solar, Q CELLS, Mission Solar Energy. LONGi Solar, and Solaria. We can accommodate for both residential and commercial solar integration, of any size.


Integrating Solar Storage is the only way to reliably back up your home or business from a power outage, which have been increasing in frequency as the electrical grid is stressed by growing demand reliant on outdated infrastructure. Storage solutions also help you fuel your electric vehicle, which can further reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your need for fossil fuels. We currently supply storage solutions from Panasonic, Generac Power Systems, LG Chem, sonnen, Simpliphi, and Tesla.

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We only supply inverters with integrity and high efficiency, which come with monitoring apps or interfaces that make it easy to understand how you solar system is preforming. We currently supply inverters from, Enphase Energy, SMA, SolarEdge, Yaskawa-Solectria Solar, Fronius, APsystems, Sol-Ark, and Tigo Energy.


Our racking systems are designed for low impact but strong lifetime resiliency. Our partnership with Santa Fe Stucco & Roofing allows us to draw from their roofing expertise in order to install your solar system properly, whether you have a flat or a slanted roof. We currently supply racking from these outstanding companies, IronRidge, Unirac, Quick Mount PV, Everest Solar Systems, SnapNrack, Ecolibrium Solar, S-5!, ProSolar and Pegasus Solar.

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